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Herbicides are a class of pesticides that are marketed specifically for the purpose of killing or inhibiting the growth of weeds that is a plant grows where it is not wanted. A herbicide in a particular formulation and application can be described as selective or nonselective. Nonselective herbicides (e.g., paraquat) toxic to all plants, are used where complete control of plant growth is required. Selective herbicides kill specific targets while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed. These in turn are classified as foliage-applied and soil herbicides.

There are numerous herbicides either be contact, translamina. Contact herbicides kill only the plant organs with which they are in contact. Translocated herbicides are effective against roots or other organs, to which they are transported from aboveground treated surfaces (soil). Herbicides from different classes also differ in their environmental persistence and fate. Almost all herbicides can cause acute toxicity. Herbicides are associated with a variety of chronic health risks.

Herbicides are widely used in agriculture and in landscape turf management. Herbicides used to clear waste ground, industrial sites, railways and railway embankments are non-selective and kill all plant material with which they come into contact. Smaller quantities are used in forestry, pasture systems, and management of areas set aside as wildlife habitat. Herbicides can be used in different stage of weeds happenning. Preemergence herbicides, mixed into the soil, will kill germinating seeds and small seedlings. Postemergence herbicides either hinder photosynthesis or inhibit growth.

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