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Chemical Identification
Common Name
dimethyl (E)-1-methyl-2-(methylcarbamoyl)vinyl phosphate; 3-dimethoxyphosphinoyloxy-N-methylisocrotonamide
(E)-dimethyl 1-methyl-3-(methylamino)-3-oxo-1-propenyl phosphate
Molecular Formula
Molecular Structure
Insecticide, acaricide
Concentrate, ULV, water miscible. 
Premix Parters: triadimefon; triadimenol;
Physical Properties
Molecular weight:223.2; Physical form:Colourless, hygroscopic crystals; (, >74%): dark brown semi-solid). Density:1.22 /l (20 °C).; Melting point:54-55 °C; Vapour pressure:2.9 ×10-1 (20 °C); 9.8 × 10-1 (separate studies); Partition coefficient(n-octanol and water):logP = -0.22 ; Solubility:In water 100% (20 °C). In methanol 100%, acetone 70%, n-octanol 25%, toluene 6% (all 20 °C). Sparingly soluble in kerosene and diesel oil.; Stability:Decomposes >38 °C, thermal run-away reactions can occur >55 °C; on hydrolysis (20 °C), 50 (96 d ( 5), 66 d ( 7), 17 d ( 9); unstable in short-chai;
Oral:Acute oral LD50 for male rats 18, female rats 20 /. Percutaneous:Acute percutaneous LD50 for rabbits 130-250, male rats 126, female rats 112 /kg. Non-irritating to skin and eyes (rabbits). Inhalation:LD50 (4 h) for rats c. 0.08 /l air. Phytotoxicity:Non-phytotoxic when used
Environmental Profile
Bees:Highly toxic to bees. LD50 (oral) 0.028-0.033 /bee; (topical) 0.025-0.35 /bee.Birds:Acute oral LD50 (14 d) for mallard ducklings 4.8, male Japanese quail 3.7, male bobwhite quail 0.94, chickens 6.7, young pheasants 2.8, partridges 6.5, pigeons 2.8, house sparrows 1.5 /.Daphnia:50 (24 h) 0.24 mg/l.Fish:LD50 (48 h) for rainbow trout 7 /l; (24 h) for rainbow trout 12, bluegill sunfish 23 /l.Other aquatic spp.:LD50 (96 h) for Gammarus fasciatus 0.3, Macrobrachium lamerrii 1.9, Crassostrea virginica >1 /l. 

Environmental fate: 
Metabolism and breakdown in plants, animals and soil has been reviewed (K. I. Beynon , Residue Rev., 1973, 47, 55).Animals:In mammals, following oral administration, 60-65% is excreted within 24 hours, predominantly in the urine.Soil:Rapidly degraded in soil; LD50 (lab.) 1-5 d.
Transport Information
Signal Word:DANGER-POISON; Hazard Class:Ia(Extremely hazardous)

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