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With its vision focused on Brazil, Tide Group, a Chinese company, took control of the Brazilian company, Prentiss Química, which for 30 years has been operating in the Brazilian market with solutions in Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides. The Prentiss factory is located in Campo Largo PR. It has an installed area of ​​4.200m² with a capacity of more than 20 million liters of three types: CE, SC and SL. Currently, the plant formulates herbicides for three competing companies in the market. In addition, Tide / Prentiss has an Administrative Office located in Porto Alegre RS. As a differential, Tide / Prentiss stands out for its logistical efficiency in assisting its customers, enabling the product to be available according to the customer's needs.

  • Address:Rua Antônio Carlos Berta 475 – Conj. 802 – CEP 91340-020, Porto Alegre – RS – Brasil
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