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CV. Saprotan UtamaIndonesia Indonesia

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Saprotan Utama is an agribusiness company. It is a distributor and manufacturer of fertilizers, pesticides, rice seeds and corn seeds. The company was established in 1980.

CV. Saprotan Utama is committed to become the most advanced company in fertilizer and pesticide industry in Indonesia by always putting customer satisfaction first  through high quality and consistent services.

Group of Companies
PT. Saprotan Benih Utama

SBU was established in 2008 and began producing hybrid corn varieties bima-2 Bantimurung using trademark name MW-2. SBU collaborated with Balitsereal Maros on a 300 hectare nursery ground.
SBU produces composite SS rice seeds with a number of popular varieties like Ciherang, IR-64, Situbagendit, Mekonga, Memberamo, Pepe, Ciliwung, Inpari, and etc. SBU partnered with farmers in Surakarta, Sragen, Karanganyar, Bololali, Klaten, Pemalan etc in cultivating 1000 hectare of land.
In addition, SBU is also developing hybrid rice in collaboration with the Balai Besar Padi in Sukamandi and developing varieties Hipa 14 and Hipa 15 using trademark name of Samiaji 14 and Samiaji 15.
SBU also produces rubber seedlings in Pleihari, South Kalimantan, with the nursery area of 30 hectare using PB 260 clones from the Brittle Rubber Research Institute.



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Aynun Jariah (Ayi)

Aynun Jariah (Ayi)




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