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Arman Sabz Adineh Co. - Adineh groupIran Iran

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Adineh group The Adineh group is a set of competent companies active in various business areas, production and related agricultural industries united and coordinated management, financial resources of the associated units of the group which has been the result of long-term concentrated and programmed efforts is considered as the group's privilege regarding its colleagues in different fields of economic activities. Besides its activities in the import and distribution of inputs related to agriculture and animal husbandry, Adineh group has targeted the access to modern sciences and the transfer of new technologies in the realm, as one of its strategic objectives and the group has been so successful that its agro-industrial units have become the symbol of balanced, scientific and efficient development for Iranian farming industry.  Arman Sabz Adineh  The company has started its activity three years ago, with a firm will to enter the agricultural market of the country, in the section related to the inputs such as fertilizer, pesticides, seed and garden tools. Relying on the high capability of its management, significant financial support, and utilizing professional staff and experienced panel of exports, it is expanding the realm of its activities rapidly. Here are some of the company's distinctive features: The existence of more than 70 products in the basket of goods of the company, after 3 years since its inception. A 300 per cent growth only in one year. The unparalleled investment in the commerce section of the agricultural inputs. Possessing more than 7000 square meters standard ware house and 10,000 square meters standard open storage. Logistic facilities and proportionate delivery of goods. Online mechanized system of storage. Precise and constant observation of domestic and global market. Allocating a considerable space in the company's basket of goods to biologic and organic products. Using experienced board of professional experts in its various areas of activity. Extensive collaboration with the proctor institution of agriculture of affairs in the country. Adapting the objects in company's basket of goods with Iran's local geographic conditions and climate. Providing scientific and technical support for the consumers. Expanding and developing the market through training the farmers.



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