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Florimond Desprez is an independent French family-owned company. The group breeds plant varieties and also produces seeds to meet the needs of the arable crop sector. The Florimond Desprez group is a world leader in the sugar beet seed industry and is one of the leading European breeders of small grain cereals. Mission: Creating new high-yielding varieties Florimond Desprez’s business is all about harnessing genetic resources to create new high-yield varieties. The company’s breeding goals factor in various agronomic, technological and environmental criteria. Florimond Desprez breeds plant varieties and also produces seeds, which spread its innovations across the different sectors of agriculture. Strategy: Building on today’s successes to develop tomorrow’s activities Florimond Desprez’s ambition is to maintain its position among the world leaders for sugar beet seeds, thanks primarily to the outstanding research carried out by its subsidiary SESVanderHave. Florimond Desprez also aims to continue investing in breeding small grain cereals in France and internationally. Its ambition is to be one of the market leaders in this sector, both in Europe and worldwide. Buoyed by its success Florimond Desprez is looking to capitalise on opportunities for diversification into other species or products with major potential for development. Through its acquisition of Germicopa and its sharestake in Danespo, Florimond Desprez has recently stepped in the patato seed market. The group aims at becoming a key player in the coming years.




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