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IBEX Bionomics created the company EPAC Ltd. Ibex is dedicated to the development of naturally originated, organic products and processes that surpass chemical productivity in agriculture and bio-industry, improve human health, and achieve environmental restoration.

IBEX has also developed a line of organic products named Enhanced Proficiency Activators (EPACs), which at least doubles standard synthetic pesticides' efficacy, significantly reducing direct and indirect costs to the grower, environmental contamination and residuality, and increasing profit margins along the distribution chain. EPACs' efficacy have been field tested successfully with 22 of the most common pesticides (14 herbicides, 6 insecticides and 2 fungicides). EPACs have been commercially validated over more than a year and have successfully treated over 150,000 hectares to date.

IBEX products are developed in the US and in international laboratories combining newly-developed scientific techniques with naturally occurring processes using natural plant extracts and metabolites.



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