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Established in 1984 and headquartered in London, the Contec Global Group has a worldwide presence, with operations in Asia, Africa and Europe. As a company established on the platform of e-Governance and smart technologies, Contec Global is amongst the most experienced independent technology and systems organizations operating in developing countries. Today, the Group is engaged, globally, in providing integrated, systems-based solutions in the fields of Secure Technologies, Infrastructure and Hospitality.

Contec Agro, a subsidiary of the Group, develops organic farming products such as bioseed, biofertilizer, and bioplanting to help Africa develop its agricultural industry and ensure food security for the future. Its products are used at all stages of farming, including seed treatment, root dipping, soil application, and dip irrigation. Its laboratories culture tissues, grow and analyze bacteria, and use biotechnology to develop plants that are immune to today’s harms.



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Thomas Chackunkal


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