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GeoAgro Italia S.r.l.s. Is an Italian-based company that operates mainly in the VEGETABLE NUTRITION specializing in special fertilizers, focused on the research, production and marketing of biostimulants and microorganisms useful for conventional and organic farming. Since 2009, the ZOOTECNIA sector has been complemented by solutions for livestock and pet breeders. Thanks to the long experience of the corporate component in plant nutrition and zootechnics, it is a professional reference for distributors, farmers and breeders. GeoAgro Italia has always invested in the research and development of high quality and environmentally friendly innovative fertilizers. In the research laboratory in Pomezia (RM), the products and processes are put into place, while the products are manufactured in the Production Offices in Spain and Ireland. In Valencia (Spain), the company produces the chelates of the GeoActive line, ErogoFruit XL and in 2017 it opened a workshop for the production of MycoActive biosystems. In Ireland, in Donegal County, Ascophyllum Nodosum is harvested and processed with a special cold-drawing process, producing SeaFoliar extract from the particular biostimulating properties. Thanks to the partnership with one of the leading mining companies GeoAgro works with the best Leonardite in Canada producing humans of the BlackHeart line with machining processes developed in the Pomezia (RM) Ns laboratories.



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