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ANTRACO Chemie-Handelsges. mbHGermany Germany

Category:Crop ProtectionCrop Nutrition

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For approximately the past 20 years, ANTRACO Chemie Handelsges. mbH, a company which is oriented towards global trade in chemicals, has been able to establish an excellent reputation as a committed partner for its customers and suppliers. It has always been and continues to be ANTRACO's objective to act as a mediator between producers and consumers with the aim of creating lasting and reliable connections.

ANTRACO supplies chemical raw materials for the most diverse applications. Being at home on the global market, ANTRACO only purchases from producers whose cost/performance ratios is convincing.

Each product is managed by one of ANTRACO's staff members who acts as your personal contact partner. Assisted by local agents on site, ANTRACO supervises the transport and delivery of the products up to their arrival at the customers' premises.

  • Address:Duesseldorfer Landstrasse 17 47249 Duisburg Germany


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