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Founded by farmers, agronomists, and agricultural consultants, Advanced Biological Marketing (ABM™) is dedicated to pushing the limits of technologies available to the farmer. We are focused on the farmer, both domestically and internationally, and dedicated to increasing the output and profitability of the land. Everything we do is in the best interest of the farmer. We understand that farmers not only provide food that feed the world, but their own families as well. As farmlands are passed from generation to generation, ABM™ is committed to offering sustainable solutions to the grower. Our challenge is to keep seed viable once the farmer plants it in the ground. To meet that challenge, we have partnered with the world’s foremost experts in molecular genetics, secured patents, and continue to research and develop the worlds most advanced solutions in enhancing plant growth and productivity. ABM™ provides solutions for commercial agriculture. Emphasis on land productivity has progressed efforts to include crop production. ABM™ promotes education, innovative research and strong marketing expertise in these emerging markets across the globe.



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Pete Hayes

Pete Hayes

Vice President of Marketing
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