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TECNIDEX today is present in more than 25 countries, through direct trade partners or third parties. The company is now the benchmark in the post harvest health sector. It has become a global player out of its strong positioning in the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean Basin, and is now growing strongly in Latin America and the southern hemisphere. With a specific structure and strategic internationalisation plan, TECNIDEX’s strategy is clearly focused on defining and entering markets, guided by the head office but working at local level. This principle governs the Spain-Portugal-Morocco axis, which is today a strategic unit in the business model. TECNIDEX has a long history in research, development and innovation, which make up part of its business culture. TECNIDEX needs to innovate and make progress. This has enabled TECNIDEX to position itself as the avant-guard in innovation in the post harvest sector. TECNIDEX has taken part, and continues to do so, in the CRAFT and CDTI European projects, together with other companies and research centres. TECNIDEX also sells technology for project development to research centres, technology centres and universities,



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