Leading French agricultural cooperative group, InVivo is organized around four fields of expertise: Agriculture, Animal Nutrition and Health, Retail and Wine. lnVivo has a strong desire to help French agriculture and agricultural cooperation to regain their rightful place in the global food value chain, in respect of the planet and the human population. With nearly 80% of its 9,200 employees working outside France and sites in 31 countries, InVivo is without doubt one of the most international groups in the agricultural and agri-food sector. Brazil and Mexico in Latin America, Vietnam and Indonesia in Asia, are among the group’s strongholds on these two continents.

InVivo Agriculture is contributing to this effort by pursuing three main goals:
1. Offer cooperatives innovative products and services that will help make farms and farmers more competitive while meeting the environmental challenges in agriculture;
2. Invest in tools and partnerships that will aid cooperatives in their change processes;
3. Use the know-how and expertise of French agriculture for the benefit of everyone in the industry, in France and abroad.

InVivo Agriculture is composed of seven divisions:
1. Seeds
2. Agricultural supplies
3. Agri-Environment
4. Biocontrol
5. Smart agriculture
6. Logistics and Grain Storage
7. Trading and financial services