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Aminocore B.V.Netherlands Netherlands

Category:Crop NutritionBiostimulantsWater soluble fertilizer with secondary element

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Aminocore natural fertilisers and biostimulant products.
Aminocore products contain more than 20 different, easy to digest and biologically active free amino acids. This much broader and unprecendented even amino acid profile enhances plant health, promotes good growth, improves disease resistance and increases crop yield.
Enzymatically hydrolysed our products are very low in ballast substances such as salts and heavy etas, and they contain no phytotoxic substances or components.
Produced at our own production facilities in The Netherlands and Germany our products find their way to more than 20 different markets worldwide under both the aminocore bandname and the brandname of our distribution partners.

  • Address:Horsterweg 24, 6199 AC Maastricht-Airport, The Netherlands