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SipcamRotam is a joint venture derived from SipcamAdvan and Rotam North America. Both companies offer a distribution-focused marketing strategy to provide chemical and value-added solutions, such as biorational and biostimulant products, to the agriculture, turf and ornamental markets. Each company works on a global platform but offers local crop protection solutions. The joint venture is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.

SipcamRotam provides a growing plant health portfolio of products to meet the needs of agriculture and specialty market demands. With over 20 years of product innovation and successful return on investment, SipcamRotam provides solutions to help mitigate abiotic stresses while reducing crop yield loss.

SipcamRotam’s exclusive Enhanced Turf Quality (ETQ) technology blends proven active ingredients with science-based solutions to simultaneously control disease and protect turf from UV light, heat and other stress factors.