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Symborg is leader in agricultural biotechnology research development and innovation. The company helps growers to maximize crops yield while overcoming the challenge of sustainability, providing them with innovative biological solutions.  Focusing on developing patented technology, Symborg shares its expertise at an international level: today, the company has subsidiaries in Europe, USA, South America, Asia and its products are used in over 50 countries.  Symborg contributes daily to the promotion of mycorrhizal research and developments throughout the world as member of the IMS International Mycorrhiza Society. The company also participates actively in promoting the concept of biological control methods in sustainable agriculture and increase the awareness of biopesticides as effective products, and realizes improvements to the regulatory process around the world.  Specialties: Microbiology, Bio-Stimulants, Intensive Agriculture, and Sustainable Agriculture

  • Address:Polígono Industrial Cabezo Cortado Avenida Jesús Martínez Cortado, 51, 30100-Espinardo, Murcia (Spain)
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