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Anagra S.A.Chile Chile

Category:Crop NutritionFertilizer


For more than twenty years, Anagra S.A. has developed and implemented technologies and nutritional solutions to optimize the performance of its customers throughout Chile. 
With a network of offices covering the entire agricultural territory, a team of high-level professionals and agronomists, and an extensive line of granular, soluble and specialty fertilizers, Anagra is today the largest importer of nitrogen products to the country and the leading company in design and marketing of "customized" mixtures for each soil-culture-climate condition of its customers. 
Currently Anagra has three plants for the reception, storage, mixing and packaging of fertilizers located in the ports of San Antonio, Lirquén and Puerto Montt.
The Japanese Mitsui & Co. is, since 1992, the majority shareholder of Anagra S.A.

  • Address:Los Conquistadores 1700 Piso 21 Torre Santa Maria - Santiago - Chile