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Sentay Chemical(Shijiazhuang)CO.,Ltd is a national specialized enterprise for techinical and formulation of pesticide。Our company has already gained many certifications issued by ISO 9001-2008  Quality Management system, ISO14001:2004 Enviroment Management system, and OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Healeh and Safety Management system. And we also have the A-level labs and get the approvement from Shijiazhuang chemical industry. we produce Pyraclostrobin for 2000T/year with the covers area of 150 Mu .We are the first drafter for the national standard for Pyraclostrobin ,the biggest producer of  Pyraclostrobin and the unique developer of “Wo ruo ” in China.
Sentay Chemical(Shijiazhuang)CO.,Ltd produces a series of products with the core technology of“Wo ruo”. Such as Keou®,Taimei®,Taizan®,Cangyan®,Shenxiu®,Kapa®,HaolikeTM,YoutaibaoTM。Among these products,Keou® was awarded the title of“Chinese Best-selling Brand for Plant Protection Market”by Pesticides working Association of China and the tile of “Contribution Award for Plant Protection in 2016”by China Sociey of Plant Protection; Taimei® was awarded the title of “the Most Potential Brand in Chinese Plant-Protection market”. The good reputation for our company shows the highly admit for the quality of our product.
We take “Provide the most effective solution of plant protection for farmers”as our responsibility;Take “Quality,Integrity,Multi-win”as our operate identity,take “Increase farmer’s income” as our target.We response the government’s policy“Pesticide zero growth”,Protect the quality of agriculture products,and make our whole contribution to Chinese agriculture .

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