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PSE is the world's leading supplier of Advanced Process Modelling technology and related model-based engineering and innovation services to the process industries.

We help our customers to create value in their organisations through the application of advanced process modelling using our gPROMS platform technology. This enables them to explore the process decision space rapidly, reduce uncertainty and make better, faster and safer design and operating decisions through deeper understanding of their processes.

The result is accelerated innovation with faster time-to-market, improved process and product design, enhanced operations, more efficient and effective R&D and experimental programmes, and better-managed risk.
PSE is the world-leading provider of Advanced Process Modelling software and expert consulting services to the specialty and agrochemicals industries.

We deliver mechanistic model-based solutions for optimising the design and operation of synthesis, purification (crystallization and distillation) and isolation (filtration and drying).

Our experience in working closely with leading specialty and agrochemical companies enables us to provide your business with the capability to increase R&D efficiency, design more economical and eco-friendly processes, increase production and improve product quality.