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Jiangsu Fengdeng Crop Science Co., Ltd. which founded in 1979,  is mainly engaged in researching, development, popularization, manufacturing and service of novel agricultural fungicides. With strong capability of pesticide research and development as well as production from processing and compounding, Fengdeng has an annual capacity of more than 5,000 tons of various technical products of agricultural fungicides such as Tricyclazole, Propiconazole, Tebuconazole, Hexaconazole, Flutriafol, Cyproconazole, Difenoconazole, Cyrodinil and Metconazole. Fengdeng triazole fungicide has been awarded “Jiangsu Famous-brand Product”.



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PD20181328 Dinotefuran呋虫胺 SC悬浮剂 20% Insecticide杀虫剂
PD20180316 Thifluzamide+Tebuconazole噻呋·戊唑醇 SC悬浮剂 27% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20090821 Iprobenfos+Tricyclazole异稻·三环唑 WP可湿性粉剂 20% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20098415 Hexaconazole己唑醇 SC悬浮剂 50g/L Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20060110 Propiconazole丙环唑 TC原药 95% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20152432 Cyprodinil嘧菌环胺 TC原药 98% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20070477 Pyrimethanil嘧霉胺 TC原药 97% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20070506 Tebuconazole戊唑醇 TC原药 96% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20080017 Pyrimethanil嘧霉胺 WP可湿性粉剂 40% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20161262 Cyproconazole环丙唑醇 TC原药 95% Fungicide杀菌剂
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