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Parijat is a three decades old Indian MNC with extensive global presence in 70 countries, 6 international offices, exclusive distribution networks in India, Russia and C.I.S and West Africa.  The Parijat group of companies offers international quality products ethically produced and sourced. They are a knowledge and value enhancing contributor across the value chain to all the stake holders in the agricultural sector. They have been serving farmers worldwide by building global partnerships, supplying quality cost-effective crop protection chemicals for the last 10 years. They are present in 70 countries spanning 6 continents through a network of offices, production bases, product registrations,independent brands, and satisfied customers. They offer fungicides, herbicides, insecticides etc.



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Product Name
Formulation Type
Kresoxim-methyl TC Fungicides 9 (3) Cases 2017-06-27
Pyriproxyfen TC Insecticides 9 (3) Cases 2016-05-30
Cyproconazole TC Fungicides Export Cases 2014-03-11
Imazethapyr TC Herbicides 9 (3) Cases 2014-02-11
Abamectin TC Insecticides Export Cases 2013-12-09