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United Phosphorus Limited (UPL) incorporated in 1969 is a leading global producer of Crop Protection Products, Intermediates, Specialty Chemicals and Other Industrial Chemicals. The company also provides value added Agri inputs from seeds to crop protection and post harvest solutions to its customer base in 130+ countries, making us a global player of crop protection products. UPL is the largest manufacturer of agrochemicals in India and ranks amongst the Top 5 post- patent Agrochemical Manufacturers in the World.   UPL has a dedicated registrations team, which works closely with customers and registration authorities. Registrations activity is greatly assisted by UPL’s access to the internationally recognized Jai Research Foundation an independent centre of excellence for research and toxicology with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) status. UPL has the commitment and capability to offer total support from start to finish in the agricultural sector.



Certification No 登记证号

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Product Name 登记名称

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Formulation Type 剂型

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Concentration 总含量


Category 类别

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PD20181919 Boscalid啶酰菌胺 TC原药 98% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20181920 Mancozeb+Azoxystrobin锰锌·嘧菌酯 WG水分散粒剂 75% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20181317 Glufosinate-ammonium草铵膦 SL可溶液剂 18% Herbicide除草剂
PD20181577 Pendimethalin二甲戊灵 CS微囊悬浮剂 450g/L Herbicide除草剂
PD20180983 S-metolachlor精异丙甲草胺 EC乳油 960g/L Herbicide除草剂
PD20180517 Spirodiclofen螺螨酯 TC原药 98% Insecticide杀虫剂
PD20180671 Trifloxystrobin肟菌酯 TC原药 97% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20083597 Alpha-cypermethrin顺式氯氰菊酯 TC原药 97% Insecticide杀虫剂
PD20096888 Mancozeb代森锰锌 TC原药 88% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20096887 Bifenthrin联苯菊酯 TC原药 98% Insecticide杀虫剂
Product Name
Formulation Type
Thiophanate-methyl+Mancozeb WG Fungicides 9 (3) Cases 2020-03-25
Chlorpropham TC Herbicides 9 (3) Cases 2019-04-17
Chlorimuron-ethyl TC Herbicides 9(4) Cases 2018-04-04
Propiconazole TC Fungicides 9(4) Cases 2017-02-06
Prothioconazole TC Fungicides Export Cases 2017-01-16