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Nagarjuna Agrichem Limited is a leading player with over 18 years in the area of Crop Protection and has PAN India presence.  It has over 50 products covering all major crops. It has a strong logistic presence with over 70 Stock points across India for faster deliveries. Nagarjuna Agrichem’s products are sold in more than 45000 counters. It has strong relationships with the leading multinationals and is one of the preferred distributors for the introduction and marketing of new molecules in India.  Nagarjuna Agrichem Limited (NACL) well known for its quality products, exports to more than 20 countries and caters to the needs of renowned multinationals, through Contract Manufacturing and Toll Manufacturing.



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Product Name
Formulation Type
Diafenthiuron TC Insecticides 9(4) Cases 2018-04-04
Metribuzin TC Herbicides 9(4) Cases 2015-10-15
Omethoate TC Insecticides Export Cases 2014-12-22
Omethoate TC Insecticides Export Cases 2014-09-11
Cyproconazole TC Fungicides Export Cases 2011-11-21