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No.03 in Jan. 2018

Seawin Biotech

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Biologicals market would reach $3 bn this year

In an interview, Luciano Olmos Zappelini from the development and production market department of Koppert said, “The growth in the biological market is evident in the annual growth average of around 10%, and this year it will reach US$ 3 billion, which represents 5% of the pesticides market in its totality.”

Factors such as the rising demand for organic products, improved yield, reduced chemical hazards, increased productivity, and easier residue management will drive this market’s growth.Do you agree with Zappelini's opinion? And what do you think are the challenges to market growth? Please write down your opinions here.

Biorationals for the future in protected and outdoor crops

'Sustainability’ seems to be the buzz word in agriculture these days. The concerns of consumers relating to the conventional crop protection practices of the last few decades and the desires and demands of major retailers for high quality, residue-free produce persist. ...More>>


Bioiberica launches Terra-Sorb® Organic, a new biostimulant concentrate for organic production

Bioiberica has launched Terra-Sorb® Organic, a new biostimulant concentrate certified by ECOCERT as a product for use in Organic Farming (regulation EC no. 834/2007 and no. 889/2008). It contains 20% L-alpha-amino acids obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis (a natural process exclusive to Bioiberica which powers the management of environmentally safe crops compatible with organic farming) and micronutrients that boost ....More>>



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Product Name:Bioradicante






Company: Futureco Bioscience


Plants need to develop strong and healthy root systems for adequate foliar growth and to achieve optimum yields during harvest. The application of free L-amino acids increases protein synthesis (essential in the first stages of growth), which directly or indirectly influences the plant's physiological processes. Among many functions, amino acids improve chlorophyll and auxin synthesis, germination, flowering and pollination while also enhancing the quality and ripening of fruits and stoma opening.


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Biopesticide and Biocontrol

Certis USA reaches global Licensing Agreement with the University of Szeged in Hungary for new microbial strain for biopesticides

Bionema says beneficial nematodes could help control agapanthus gall midge

Biobest acquires equity stake in IVOG

DOST-PCAARRD initiative to use viruses against soft rot-causing bacteria

Marrone Bio Innovations’ Grandevo WDG bioinsecticide approved in California, USA

Vegalab introduces reformulated Mildew Control product

BioWorks launches PreFence™ biofungicide

NewLeaf Symbiotics receives second US patent for its proprietary M-troph technology

Marrone Bio Innovations launches Zelto™ bioinsecticide

Vegalab exercises option to buy The Agronomy Group

Biostimulant and Biofertiliser

Valagro and ALSIA's joint laboratory is now open at the Metapontum Agrobios Research Centre

Bancella and Dux Agri implement transaction to grow Biostimulant and Biological products in Africa

SafeTraces announces the delivery of the world's first DNA-based traceability systems for fertilizer

Evogene announces positive 2nd year field trial results in corn bio-stimulant ag-biologicals program

Bioiberica launches Terra-Sorb® Organic, a new biostimulant concentrate for organic production



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