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March/April 2015 - Volume 57 Number 2

Publication Date: 2015-03-15
Focus of this issue
  • International News in Brief
  • Association News
  • Special feature: Weed Management
Articles Index
  • 26th FAOPMA Convention
  • UK Trade body move raises the bar for pest control industry
  • NPMA approves pollinator BMPS
  • European initiative to promote standards in pest control
  • First meeting of the International Biocontrol Federation
  • UK CPA sets out policy priorities for the next government
  • Maximising weed control  .....  Martin Redbond
  • New bioherbicide composed of a plant virus  .....  Raghavan Charudattan and Ernest Hiebert
  • Glyphosate under fire
  • Comparative study of the palatability of various extruded rodenticide formulations
  • CEN publishes standard on pest management services
  • First ACE-International recipient announced
  • Managing rodenticides in Ireland
  • New SGAR Code is Stewardship Regime cornerstone
  • Developing light-based alternatives to pesticides
  • New rules on aluminium phosphides could lead to race against time
  • Biological control planned to eradicate hairy caterpillar pest in Seychelles
  • Stressing bed bugs may lead to lower fecundity
  • The perils of going public  .....  David Loughlin
  • Catching growing markets in Southeast Asia
  • Olive tree disease in Italy alarms EU
  • UK Pesticides Forum Annual Report 2014
  • US funding to protect agriculture and plants from pests and diseases
  • Topical tips for better disease control
  • Real progress in the amenity sector but more to do
  • Caution against injudicious pesticide use in tea gardens
  • Leaf odour found to attract Drosophila suzukii
  • Latest horticultural insecticide innovation, Sivanto
  • Waginengen and Koppert play BINGO
  • Trapping Stable Flies at Zoos  .....  Sandra Avant
  • GM offers a chance for Castanea the chestnut   .....  Terry Mabbett
  • International Pest Control calendar of events
March/April 2015 - Volume 57 Number 2

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About Magazine

International Pest Control

International Pest Control

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International Pest Control (IPC) is an independent, bi-monthly magazine now in it’s 56th year of publication. It is the leading magazine in the world dealing with all aspects of pest prevention and eradication. 

Because pests recognize no national boundaries, these problems are approached increasingly from an international perspective. IPC provides authoritative reviews of pest control developments worldwide, with news, articles, reviews, features and comments.

It is published in the interest of everyone concerned with the control of infestation of all types – in agriculture; in food manufacturing, storage and distribution; in domestic, commercial and industrial premises. 

IPC keeps its readers informed of trends in new techniques, new chemicals, new products, and new methods of applying existing remedies – these are the practical tools of the pest control industry the world over. 

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