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2017 CROs Supplement

Publication Date: 2017-03-01
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  • Staphyt: Outlook of crop protection market development and the role of a CRO in it
    作物保护市场发展回顾与CRO在其中的角色  .....  Fanny VANEL
  • Knoell: New software development for automated environmental fate modeling and reporting by Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH
    Knoell公司自动环评建模和报告软件的开发  .....  Torsten Hauck and Ronnie Juraske
  • JRF: Evolution of the CRO business model – Functional service provider to a Strategic partner model
    CRO商务模式的进化 – 从功能服务提供商向战略合作伙伴的转化  .....  Samir Pandya
2017 CROs Supplement


    •  AgriFor Scientific Pty Ltd     
    •  APC    
    •  Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH          
    •  JRF Global         
    •  Staphyt    

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