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2017 Chinese issue of Market Insight

Publication Date: 2017-10-01
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Focus of this issue
  • 封面故事
    Cover Story
  • 北美市场洞察
    NA Market Insight
  • 商业模式分析
    Business Model
  • 排行榜
    Ranking List
  • 专题
科莱恩:Synergen™ GA - 适用于盐类农化产品的一种新型增效剂
Clariant: Synergen™ GA - A Novel Biological Enhancer for Salts of Agrochemicals
Rapid Growth, Opportunities, and Barriers within the US Biostimulants Market
Agri-inputs E-commerce: A Long Way Starting from Channel Innovation to Healthy Development
Articles Index
  • 风口浪尖上的麦草畏
    Dicamba in the U.S.A. Spotlight
  • 植保前沿:巧妙利用植物病毒保护农作物免受寄生害虫危害
    Re-purposing Plant Viruses to Protect Agricultural Crops from Parasitic Pests
  • Engage Agro:加强内部新品登记及深化外部合作 为战略扩展夯实基础
    Engage Agro: Strengthening Strategic Cooperation on the Supply Side with the Large Crop Protection Companies
  • Acadian Plant Health:北美生物营养素和生物刺激素领导者
    Acadian Plant Health: The Leading Provider of Bionutrition and Biostimulant in the North America
  • 巴斯夫新商业模式解析及对中国农业产业模式变革的借鉴
    BASF’s New Business Model and Its Implications for Chinese Agricultural Industry
  • 全球农化企业 TOP20:“并购 + 剥离”重组加速 全球农业迎来新纪元
    Top 20 Global Agchem Companies: Expedited Reorganization through M&As, Divestments Propel Global Agriculture into New Era
  • 中国农药企业 TOP20:环保政策刺激产品价格 新一轮增长蓄势待发
    Top 20 Chinese Pesticide Companies: Environmental Policies Stimulating the Prices, Companies Poised for a New Wave of Growth
  • 印度农化企业 TOP20:政策加持下,出口及本土业务将迎来全面发展
    Top 20 Indian Agrochemical Companies: Businesses Usher in a Comprehensive Development with the Support of Policies
  • 并购加剧,创新进入更高级别 - 未来农药高端定制加工行业大有可为
    The Increasing Demand for R&D Activities to Boost High-end Agrochemical CMO Industry
  • 高通量技术促进农用化学品配方研制成功
    High Throughput Technology Accelerates Agrochemical Formulation Success
  • 生物农药与化学农药的结合 任重而道远
    How is the Marriage Between Biologicals and Chemicals Really Going?
  • 全球生物制剂产品登记要求概览
    Biologicals Registration - An Overview Tour
2017 Chinese issue of Market Insight<br>2017市场纵览



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