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Origin Agritech Limited  is China's leading agricultural biotechnology company, specializing in crop seed breeding and genetic improvement, seed production, processing, distribution and related technical services. The company, founded in 1997, is headquartered in Zhong-Guan-Cun Life Science Park in Beijing, China.

After the successful development of biotech seed products and more than 10 years of preparation, Origin is now organized into two business lines: agri-biotech and product development under Origin State Harvest; and seed production and distribution under Beijing Origin Seed.

Origin State Harvest has established a complete, comprehensive and leading breeding research platform in China, including one research center, five breeding stations and one winter breeding base. Since 2002, Origin State Harvest has devoted itself to the commercialization of genetically modified organism (GMO) corn seed products and collaborated with major research institutions, including the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), to bring domestically developed GMO technologies to farmers in China.

Origin State Harvest has completed nearly all of the development stages of a rich biotech corn seed product pipeline, including the first generation phytase transgenic corn products; the first genetically modified (GM) crops licensed and approved for production in China in 2009; the second generation glyphosate tolerance transgenic corn seeds; and the new technologies with stacked traits of glyphosate tolerance and insect resistance genes. Its research center has been named the “Key Laboratory of Corn Biotechnology and Genetic Breeding” consecutively since 2013 by Ministry of Agriculture, P.R. China.

In 2015, Origin began to implement its plan to launch the first GM Chinese corn products overseas and test its technology in the U.S. Today, the organization is ready for the commercialization of its GMO technologies.