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Croda Crop Care is a leading supplier of additives and adjuvant technologies to the crop protection industry.  With our extensive range of ingredients and unique formulation expertise, we are ideally placed to help our customers get the best performance from their products, enabling farmers to increase yields and improve resilience to pests and disease. 


As part of Croda’s commitment to be Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030, it is our aim to be the most sustainable supplier of innovative formulation ingredients.  Our market-leading products, including 100% bio-based surfactants, wetting aids, rheology modifiers, dispersants, penetration enhancers and drift reduction agents enable formulators and growers to take a more environmentally sensitive approach to getting the best yield for their crops. 


A total of around 100 Croda Crop Care ingredients, including 15 OMRI Listed products, are suitable for use in crop protection formulations in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program.  In developing this growing family of products, Croda recognises the rising consumer demand and commercial interest in organic food production, respecting the need to preserve biological diversity and the responsible use of natural resources.