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Oasis AgroScience Ltd is an innovative company. Our researching team consisting of University  Professors,Experienced Technician and Engineer, allows us to supply  New Molecules, New Formulations and New Alternative Solutions regularly every year. 
The idea of the New Molecules mainly comes from the off patent products from  Multinational Companies. And the New formulations are based on the applications of domestic and overseas market.
Modern machines and experienced team allow us to produce CS, EC, EW, SC, SL, OD, FS, SE, WP, WSG, WDG, DF. The products vary from Herbicides, Fungicides and lnsecticides.All the products are produced according to FAO and WHO standards.
The QC system works in every step of the production.It works from the raw materials to the intermediates and the finished product. Even the test on the packing materials. All the operations are regulated by the ISO19001. It ensures the quality stability.
Better composition of the formulation makes better efficiency. Our Technician researches new techniques everyday so that we can improve the performance of our products in the field and decrease the pollution of the environment.
Lets work together to open the door to the success with our intelligence and diligences.

  • Address:23G liangfeng Plaza,No8 Dongfang Road,Pudong,Shanghai. China; Factory Address: Zibo Shandong
  • Website:www.oasisagro.com


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2024 China Pesticide Industry Watch

2024 China Pesticide Industry Watch


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Publication Date:Feb. 1, 2024