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AgroPages will hold its 4th Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (FAT 2023) on November 29-30, 2023 in Hangzhou,China.

The call for speakers is now open until Oct.10,2023. If you are interested in applying to speak about the following topics (Including but not limited to), please submit your abstract for a 20-30 minute presentation to Grace Yuan via grace@agropages.com; agropages@vip.163.com..
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Join the topic discussion "The layout, application, regulation and development trend of biologicals in Latin America"
As in previous years, we are going to publish 2023 Latin America Focus magazine this August, see more via: https://www.agropages.com/magazine/detail-330.htm

In this issue, we have a topic on "The layout, application, regulation and development trend of biologicals in Latin America", we would like to invite some key players in the field to join the topic discussion. Below are some proposed interview questions for your reference.  If you are interested in joining us, pls contact GRACE YUAN (grace@agropages.com) to know more details.
Kindly reminder, below questions are only surrounding biologicals.
1. Could you describe the market landscape of the biological market in Latin America? What are the drivers, challenges and trends of the development of biologicals in this region?

2. Could you talk about on the regulatory landscape of biologicals in Latin America? What impact do these regulations have on your company's business?

3. Could you give us an overview of your company's biologicals and their special features, application situation in Latin America? Could you share some novel approaches to production and formulation of biologicals?

4. What are the considerations for farmers/growers to use biologicals? How does your company educate growers and farmers on the use of biologicals?

5. What and where are the biggest opportunities and challenges for biologicals in Latin America?

6. What are the plans to launch new biologicals in Latin America? Highlight the development plan in Latin America.
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