2017 Chinese issue of Market Insight

2017 Chinese issue of Market Insight<br>2017市场纵览

Language: Chinese

Publication Date:Oct. 1, 2017

Focus of this issue

  • 封面故事
    Cover Story
  • 北美市场洞察
    NA Market Insight
  • 商业模式分析
    Business Model
  • 排行榜
    Ranking List
  • 专题


  • 科莱恩:Synergen™ GA - 适用于盐类农化产品的一种新型增效剂
    Clariant: Synergen™ GA - A Novel Biological Enhancer for Salts of Agrochemicals

  • 快速增长、充满机遇和挑战的美国生物刺激素市场
    Rapid Growth, Opportunities, and Barriers within the US Biostimulants Market

  • 农资电商:从渠道创新到实现良性发展的路还很长
    Agri-inputs E-commerce: A Long Way Starting from Channel Innovation to Healthy Development

Articles Index

  • 风口浪尖上的麦草畏
    Dicamba in the U.S.A. Spotlight

  • 植保前沿:巧妙利用植物病毒保护农作物免受寄生害虫危害
    Re-purposing Plant Viruses to Protect Agricultural Crops from Parasitic Pests

  • Engage Agro:加强内部新品登记及深化外部合作 为战略扩展夯实基础
    Engage Agro: Strengthening Strategic Cooperation on the Supply Side with the Large Crop Protection Companies

  • Acadian Plant Health:北美生物营养素和生物刺激素领导者
    Acadian Plant Health: The Leading Provider of Bionutrition and Biostimulant in the North America

  • 巴斯夫新商业模式解析及对中国农业产业模式变革的借鉴
    BASF’s New Business Model and Its Implications for Chinese Agricultural Industry

  • 全球农化企业 TOP20:“并购 + 剥离”重组加速 全球农业迎来新纪元
    Top 20 Global Agchem Companies: Expedited Reorganization through M&As, Divestments Propel Global Agriculture into New Era

  • 中国农药企业 TOP20:环保政策刺激产品价格 新一轮增长蓄势待发
    Top 20 Chinese Pesticide Companies: Environmental Policies Stimulating the Prices, Companies Poised for a New Wave of Growth

  • 印度农化企业 TOP20:政策加持下,出口及本土业务将迎来全面发展
    Top 20 Indian Agrochemical Companies: Businesses Usher in a Comprehensive Development with the Support of Policies

  • 并购加剧,创新进入更高级别 - 未来农药高端定制加工行业大有可为
    The Increasing Demand for R&D Activities to Boost High-end Agrochemical CMO Industry

  • 高通量技术促进农用化学品配方研制成功
    High Throughput Technology Accelerates Agrochemical Formulation Success

  • 生物农药与化学农药的结合 任重而道远
    How is the Marriage Between Biologicals and Chemicals Really Going?

  • 全球生物制剂产品登记要求概览
    Biologicals Registration - An Overview Tour


Marcio Navega

Marcio Navega Follow

Head of Crop Solution Asia Pacific

Clariant International Ltd


Jim Walter

Jim Walter Follow

Kline & Company, Inc.

Jay Vroom

Jay Vroom Follow

President and CEO

CropLife America

President and CEO at CropLife America

Nicole F. Steinmetz

Nicole F. Steinmetz Follow


Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Nicole F. Steinmetz is the George J. Picha Designated Professor in Biomaterials and Director of ...

Paul Chariou

Paul Chariou Follow


Case Western Reserve University

Paul Chariou is a Ph.D. Student in Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. Paul h...

Mickey Shan

Mickey Shan Follow



Mickey Shan, Editor of AgroPages. Email: mickey@agropages.com

Christina Xie

Christina Xie Follow

Senior Editor


Chief editor of AgroPages. Email: christina@agropages.com

Dr. Zhong Ling

Dr. Zhong Ling Follow


Dow Chemical (China) Investment Company Limited


Jan Mostert

Jan Mostert Follow

Head of Biorationals Innovation Team

Certis Europe

Jan Mostert is Portfolio Lead of Biorationals and Horticulture in Certis Europe.

Torsten Hauck

Torsten Hauck Follow

head of Agrochemicals

Knoell Germany GmbH

Managing Director Agrochemicals, Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH. thauck@knoell.com

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