Chinese issue of 2020 Market Insight

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Chinese issue of 2020 Market Insight

Language: Chinese

Publication Date:Oct. 10, 2020

Focus of this issue

  • Cover Story
  • Market Insight
  • In Focus
  • Feature: Seed Treatment
  • Rankings
  • Dialogue


  • Observation on East African Agrochemical Market

  • Dig Deep Into the Fact behind Growth of Russian Agrochemical Market

  • Organic Coating by Ad Terram: The Future of Coating Is Here

Articles Index

  • USA: Market Channel Facing Pressure of Profitability and Consolidation

  • Insights into China’s Pesticide Industry

  • Mexico: Opportunities and Challenges in Organic Agri-Input Market

  • Bioinsecticide Market Growth with New Techs and Business Alliances

  • A Study of the Prospect of Abamectin

  • Pyraclostrobin - Product toxicity analysis and risk alert

  • Syngenta Seedcare: Delivers Value to Customers beyond Seed Protection

  • SGS: Provides Turnkey Services for Whole Seed Treatment Solution R&D Cycle

  • Staphyt: Supports Clients in Their Product Development and Regulatory Strategy

  • Sinochem: Focuses on Its 4S Strategy of Seed Coating Development

  • Difficulties and Challenges Facing China’s Seed Treatment Industry

  • DOCTOR MIAO launched peanut seed treatment product ‘Tuoteng’ in China

  • Ourofino’s Terra Forte Makes Brazilian Farmers to Produce Better Crops

  • Seed Treatment Company Directory

  • Top 20 Global Agrochemical Companies

  • Top 20 Chinese agrochemical companies

  • Top 20 Indian Agrochemical Companies

  • Top 10 Brazilian Agrochemical Companies

  • King Quenson: Focusing on a “Niche” Strategy and Delivering Brand Value through Partnership (II)

  • JRF AgCelerate: A Collaborative Research Platform as an “End-to-End” Service

  • Trustchem: Grows With Customers

  • Saltigo: Focus on Custom Synthesis and Manufacturing Services

  • Lonza: Focus on Niche Markets and Commit to Expansion in Latin America


Drake Liu

Drake Liu Follow

Business Manager


Editor & Business manager of AgroPages. Email: drake.liu@agropages.com

Charfeddine Regai

Charfeddine Regai Follow

Business Development Manager

Agrimatco tanzania limited(AMC)

Peter Riziki

Peter Riziki Follow

Agronomy Manager at Yara Tanzania

Yara International ASA

Getachew Worku

Getachew Worku Follow


Lions Group of Companies (LGC)

Sami Getachew Worku

Sami Getachew Worku Follow

Business Unit Director

Lions Group of Companies (LGC)

Wubishet Alemu (MSc.)

Wubishet Alemu (MSc.) Follow

Manager, Agro-Chemical Department

Lions Group of Companies (LGC)

Timothy Munywoki

Timothy Munywoki Follow


Amiran Kenya LTD

Yutian Lu

Yutian Lu Follow

Project managers of Biologicals; Editors


The project manager of biologicals at AgroPages. Email: yutian.lu@agropages.com

Jozsef Fekete

Jozsef Fekete Follow

Head of R&D

Progress Agro

Alexander Lomakin

Alexander Lomakin Follow


Saluyme Ltd

Anastasia Romanovskaya

Anastasia Romanovskaya Follow

Head of Marketing and Export

Lysterra, LLC

Ms. Inna Volnianskaia

Ms. Inna Volnianskaia Follow

General Manager

Agrochemical Business Solutions Ltd.(ABS. Ltd)

Tatyana Yakovleva

Tatyana Yakovleva Follow

press service

AgroKhimProm Group

Abdusalam Dzhavadov

Abdusalam Dzhavadov Follow

General Manager

Shans Group (Formerly MTS AgroAlyans)

Kseniya Polyakova

Kseniya Polyakova Follow

Head of Registration Dept

Shans Group (Formerly MTS AgroAlyans)

Ekaterina Kartashova

Ekaterina Kartashova Follow

Leading Procurement Manager of Chinese direction

Shans Group (Formerly MTS AgroAlyans)

Yating Jiang

Yating Jiang Follow

Editor of AgroPages


Yating Jiang, Editor of AgroPages. Email: yating@agropages.com

Allen Zheng Follow


Victor Rios Figueroa

Victor Rios Figueroa Follow

Associated Director

Ríos Figueroa Consultores, S.C.

My name is Victor M. Rios and I am Associated CEO of Rios Figueroa Consultores. I graduated in Adver...

Francisco Ortiz

Francisco Ortiz Follow

General Director

Altiara Mexico - Agrícola Innovación, S.A. de C.V.


Paulo Iria Antunes

Paulo Iria Antunes Follow

Corporate International & Development Officer

Farmacia Agroquímica de México SA de CV

Carlos Campuzano Monge

Carlos Campuzano Monge Follow

Marketing Manager

Alianza con la Biosfera SAPI de CV

Dr Minshad A Ansari

Dr Minshad A Ansari Follow

Founder and CEO

Bionema Limited

Dr Minshad A Ansari is founder and Managing Director of Bionema Ltd and has more than 20 years of ex...

Nestor Coltell Simon

Nestor Coltell Simon Follow

Agronomical Engineer and R&D Manager

Bioestimulantes Agrícolas S.L. ("Biagro")

Silvia Todorova

Silvia Todorova Follow


Anatis Bioprotection

Carla Meijles

Carla Meijles Follow

Global Marketing & Sales manager

Ad Terram

Sidney Deng

Sidney Deng Follow

Head of Seedcare China

Syngenta (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Amanda Ver Helst

Amanda Ver Helst Follow

Laboratory Research Manager


Fanny Vanel

Fanny Vanel Follow

Marketing & Communication Manager


Marketing & Communication Responsible at Staphyt.

Han Xiang

Han Xiang Follow

General manager of Seed Coating department

Sinochem International Crop Care Company Limited

Feng Yongjun

Feng Yongjun Follow

Director, DBN-CAU Seed Health Centre

Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co.,Ltd

Andre Ricci

Andre Ricci Follow


Grace Yuan

Grace Yuan Follow

Global Marketing Director


Grace Yuan, Global Marketing Director, Senior Editor of AgroPages,. Email: grace@agropages.com; Wech...

Mickey Shan

Mickey Shan Follow

Senior Editor; China Marketing Director


Mickey Shan, China Marketing Director, Senior Editor of AgroPages. Email: mickey@agropages.com


Zorro Follow

Marketing Director & Editor of AgroPages


Marketing Director & Editor of AgroPages. Email: zorro@agropages.com

Leonardo Gottems

Leonardo Gottems Follow



Editor of AgroPages. Email: agropages@vip.163.com

Helen He

Helen He Follow

Chairperson & co-founder

Shenzhen King Quenson Industry Co., Ltd

Abhay Deshpande

Abhay Deshpande Follow

Director, Global Innovation & Strategy

JRF Global (Jai Research Foundation)

Samir Pandya

Samir Pandya Follow

Manager - Business Development

JRF Global (Jai Research Foundation)

Manager - Business Development, JRF Global

DI Huiping

DI Huiping Follow

General Manager

TrustChem Co., Ltd.

Andreas Klein

Andreas Klein Follow

Head of Marketing & Sales

Saltigo GmbH

Flavio Belluomini Cotrin

Flavio Belluomini Cotrin Follow

Associate Director at Lonza Crop Protection in Latin America

Lonza Ltd

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