2021 Latin America Focus

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2021 Latin America Focus

Language: English

Publication Date:Jul. 30, 2021

Focus of this issue

  • Cover Story
  • Dialogue
  • Company Spotlight
  • Bio-inputs Focus
  • Nano-technology in Agriculture
  • Crop Solutions
  • Company Directory


  • Point Americas – Innovating Sustainable and Organic Crop Protection in Latin America

  • From A Garage in the Argentinian Pampas to NASDAQ – Interview with Ricardo Yapur, CEO of Rizobacter

  • SmartTox and Bioacting: Faithful Partners in QSAR Analysis, Agrochemical Data Generation and Registration

Articles Index

  • E-Tong Chemical: Building a vertically integrated industrial chain from intermediates, TCs to formulations based on fluorobenzene fine chemicals

  • Plant Health Care: Expands with Unique Peptide Vaccines for Plants, Targeting $5 Billion Markets around the World

  • Leili, Together Creating Value for Partners and Farms

  • Delivering Agriculture Technology through a Successful Partnership: Evonik and Tropfen

  • National Biointrants Program (PNB): Another Opportunity To Chase Brazil’s Promising Biological Market

  • Brazil Set New Record for Biopesticide Registrations in 2020

  • Argentina will Achieve “Magnificent Things” If Invests in Bio-Inputs

  • Why the use of Nanotechnology in agriculture is lower when compared with other sectors?

  • Nanoagro Revolution: A Future Worth Waiting For

  • FAW-Guard: “A Novel Microbial Consortium Solution for Fall Army Worm”

  • Fusarium TR4 Threatening Banana Industry in Latin America

  • Innovative Herbicides Drive Sugarcane Market in Brazil, Despite Area Reduction


Ricardo Yapur

Ricardo Yapur Follow



Alexandre Quesada

Alexandre Quesada Follow

Executive Director

SmartTox Ltda.

Pedro Guivisdalsky

Pedro Guivisdalsky Follow


Bioacting SA

Hernan Grobly

Hernan Grobly Follow

Scientific Director

Bioacting SA

Chris Richards

Chris Richards Follow


Plant Health Care, Inc.(PHC)

Jeff Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy Follow

Chief Operations Officer

Plant Health Care, Inc.(PHC)

Rodrigo Egea de Miranda

Rodrigo Egea de Miranda Follow

Director PHC Brazil

Plant Health Care, Inc.(PHC)

Bill Duan

Bill Duan Follow

Vice President

Leili Marine BioIndustry INC.

Andrea Alquicira

Andrea Alquicira Follow

Market Manager – Agriculture Specialty Additives, Interface & Performance

Evonik Industries AG

Ag. Engineer Julian Etchegoyen

Ag. Engineer Julian Etchegoyen Follow

Co-founder at Tropfen & CEO at Ager


Maria Luiza Castro

Maria Luiza Castro Follow


Maria Luiza Castro, Biologist and Entomologist, is the Technical Director and Co-Founder of CESIS Co...

Leonardo Gottems

Leonardo Gottems Follow



Editor of AgroPages. Email: agropages@vip.163.com

Juan Pablo Brichta

Juan Pablo Brichta Follow


Agro Advance Technology

Jimena Sabor

Jimena Sabor Follow



Renato Seraphim

Renato Seraphim Follow

Board Member

Tecno S/A

Renato Seraphim is an agronomist who graduated from Unesp Jaboticabal (SP). He completed a postgradu...

Dr. Valtencir Zucolotto

Dr. Valtencir Zucolotto Follow

Full Professor at the Nanomedicine and Nanotoxicology group in the Physics Institute at S?o Carlos/USP


Christina Xie

Christina Xie Follow

Senior Editor


Chief editor of AgroPages. Email: christina@agropages.com

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Dr. Miguel Arato

Dr. Miguel Arato

Business Innovation Manager



Carlos Campuzano Monge

Carlos Campuzano Monge

Marketing Manager

Alianza con la Biosfera SAPI de CV


Dominik Reinhard

Dominik Reinhard

European Head of Commercial Sales, Crop Protection Division



Mr. R. K. Shetty

Mr. R. K. Shetty

Executive Director

Heranba Industries Ltd.


Cathy Wei

Cathy Wei

Global Head of Disease Control

Syngenta Crop Protection AG


John Garr

John Garr


GarrCo Products Inc.