2022 India Focus

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Krishi Rasayan Group of Companies
2022 India Focus

Language: English

Publication Date:Oct. 10, 2022

Focus of this issue

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  • Rankings
  • Company Spotlight
  • Market Insight
  • Viewpoint
  • Company Directory


  • Best Agrolife Ltd - Marching Ahead On The Path Of Success

  • Top 20 Indian Agrochemical Companies in FY 2020-21: Improved Core Competitive Edge to Accelerate Growth

Articles Index

  • Krishi Rasayan Group: A Firm Step Forward in Capacity Expansion and Launch of Patented Products

  • Tagros: Ambition to Be USD 1 Billion Generic Giant

  • Willowood: One Stop Solutions for Innovative & Unique Mixtures

  • Advanta’s Vegetables Seeds Changing Life of Small and Marginal Farmers in Asia

  • Towards A US$ 5 Trillion Economy: Opportunities for India’s Dynamic Agri-Food Sector
    By Raghavan Sampathkumar

  • India Chemicals/ Agrochemicals – Inevitable Growth Opportunity
    By Rohit Nagraj

  • Tebuconazole Has A Serious Overcapacity in China and India

  • The Rise of Indian Agritech Startups Since 2020
    By Harsh Upadhyay & Shashank Pathak,

  • The Changing Landscape of the Indian Agrochemicals Market
    By C S Liew

  • India”s Agrochemical Industry Poised For Greater Success in the Economic Upswing

  • Demystifying Myths about Pesticides Use in India
    By Harish Mehta

  • Droning Over Drones in Indian Agriculture
    By Venky Ramachandran


Christina Xie

Christina Xie Follow

Editor in chief


Chief editor of AgroPages. Email: christina@agropages.com

Mr. Atul Churiwal

Mr. Atul Churiwal Follow

Managing Director

Krishi Rasayan Group of Companies

Jobi Eapen

Jobi Eapen Follow

Global Sales Head

Tagros Chemicals India Pvt Ltd

Raghavan Sampathkumar

Raghavan Sampathkumar Follow

Head - Policy Advocacy & External Affairs, Samunnati


Raghavan Sampathkumar has over 18 years of experience working across Asia Pacific in various sectors...

Rohit Nagraj

Rohit Nagraj Follow

Sr. VP Centrum Broking - Chemicals & Agrochemicals

Centrum Broking Limited

Harsh Upadhyay

Harsh Upadhyay Follow


Harsh Upadhyay started his professional career from an edtech startup, Harsh has more than four year...

Shashank Pathak

Shashank Pathak Follow


Shashank Pathak is leading the Snippets section for Entrackr where he covers daily news and importan...

C S Liew

C S Liew Follow


Pacific Agriscience Pte., Ltd.

C S Liew, Managing Director of Pacific Agriscience Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, has more than 40 yea...

Pradip Dave

Pradip Dave Follow


Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Assocoation of India(PMFAI)

Harish Mehta

Harish Mehta Follow

Senior Advisor

Crop Care Federation of India (CCFI)

Mr. Harish Mehta is an Agricultural Engineer with MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, University...

Venky Ramachandran

Venky Ramachandran Follow

Lead Product Manager

Agribusiness Matters

Venky Ramachandran is an agritech advisor, researcher and investor with agritech startups. He runs r...

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