Survey: Africa's Pesticide Importing Status

Africa is importing from China more agrochemicals for its fast growing agriculture market, from technicals to formulated products. 
AgroPages will continue to watch these imported products and analyzie the change in the market , to help local companies from importers, formulators, to distributors and related industry organizations  better make the procurement strategies and establish strategic partnerships with reliable suppliers from China
Thanks for participating the following survey to help us do better.  In return, we will give you a free acess to the database of China Pesticide Exporting Analysis in 2019 for one African country.
  1. 1. Do you import, formulate or distribute agrochemical products in Africa?
    • We import agrochemical products
    • We do the formulation of agrochemcial products
    • We distribute agrochemcial products
    • Not applicable for me
    • Other (Please specify)

  2. 2. Which countires do you purchase agrochemical products?
    • Africa (from local african suppliers)
    • China
    • India
    • European countries
    • Other (Please specify)

  3. 3. What change is happening in your country or area, in term of the product structure and application of pesticide?
  4. 4. Which product would you like us to analyze in next issue of Africa Watch?
    • Glufosinate-ammonium
    • Nicosulfuron
    • Clethodim
    • Acetamiprid
    • Azoxystrobin
    • Mancozeb
    • Other (Please specify)

  5. 5. Please leave your contact information so that we can provide you with the databse access account
    Your Name: