What are your thoughts on glyphosate price and procurement?

During the purchasing season at the beginning of this year, AgroPages dialogued with buyers from America, Australia, Brazil, Uruguay and suppliers from China on the discussion of glyphosate price trends. In addition to the raw material supply, logistics, the feasibility of choosing alternative products was also discussed (click here to read).
AgroPages has been tracking glyphosate price trends and reporting in continuance. We are working on a new article, welcome to join the discussion!  
  1. 1. I am…..
    • a buyer of glyphosate
    • a distributor / retailer of glyphosate
    • a farmer who use glyphosate
  2. 2. How much glyphosate inventory do you have? Will you purchase glyphosate earlier than previous years?
  3. 3. What do you think are the factors influencing your purchasing decisions now?
    • Price
    • Weather / season
    • Logistics
    • Crop harvest
    • Other (Please specify)

  4. 4. When do you think the price of glyphosate might start to go down?
    • At the end of 2021
    • In the first half of 2022
    • In the second half of 2022
    • Not sure
    • Other (Please specify)

  5. 5. Considering the current high price of glyphosate, which products do you think can be used as alternatives?
    • Glufosinate-ammonium
    • Diquat
    • Paraquat
    • There is no alternative
    • Other (Please specify)

  6. 6. How big quantity of glyphosate (technicial / formulation) you need to purchase as usual?
  7. 7. Please leave your contact info for further communication.
    Your Name: