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Chemical Identification
Common Name
(EZ)-3-(methylthio)butanone O-methylcarbamoyloxime
3-(methylthio)-2-butanone O-[(methylamino)carbonyl]oxime
Molecular Formula
Molecular Structure
Physical Properties
Molecular weight:190.3; Physical form:Pale brown, viscous liquid ( tech.). Crystalline at lower temperatures. Density:1.12 (20 °C); Composition:Tech. grade is liquid and obtained as an 85% tech. concentrate in xylene containing the (E)- and (Z)- isomers in a ratio of 85-90:15-10. Melting point:37 °C ((E)- isomer); ((Z)- isomer is an oil at room temperature); Vapour pressure:10.6 (20 °C) (, without residual xylene); Henry constant:5.76 × 10-5 Pa m3 mol-1 ( calc.); Partition coefficient(n-octanol and water):logP = 1.1; Solubility:In water 35 g/l (20 °C). Completely miscible with aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, and ketones. Low solubility in aliphatic hydrocarbons (11 g/l) and carbon tetrachloride.; Stability:Stable at 5-7 (up to 50 °C), but hydrolysed by strong acids and alkalis. Stable to sunlight and oxygen. Thermally stable up to 100 °C.;
Oral:Acute oral LD50 for rats 153-215 mg/kg. Percutaneous:Acute percutaneous LD50 for albino rabbits 360 mg/kg. Irritating to eyes. Inhalation: LC50 (4 h) for rats 1 mg/l air.
Environmental Profile
Algae: NOEL for algae 62.5 mg/l.Bees:Toxic to bees; LD501 mg/bee.Birds: LD50 for mallard ducks 64 mg/kg. LC50(8 d) for Japanese quail 1180 mg/kg diet.Daphnia: LC50 (24 h) 3.2-5.6 mg/l.Fish: LC50 (96 h) for rainbow trout 29 mg/l. LC50 (24 h) for rainbow trout 35, goldfish 55, guppy 70 mg/l. 

Environmental fate: 
Animals:In mammals, following oral administration, metabolised to butoxycarboxim, and excreted in the urine as butoxycarboxim and its degradation products.Soil:In soil, the methylamine moiety is split off, and the sulfur atom is oxidised to sulfoxide and sulfone. DT50 in soil 1-8 d; DT50 for metabolites 16-44 d.Plant:In plants, degradation is the same as in soil.
Transport Information
Signal Word:WARNING; Hazard Class:II(Moderately hazardous)

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