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Chemical Identification
Common Name
7-chlorobicyclo[3.2.0]hepta-2,6-dien-6-yl dimethyl phosphate
7-chlorobicyclo[3.2.0]hepta-2,6-dien-6-yl dimethyl phosphate
Molecular Formula
Molecular Structure
Physical Properties
Molecular weight:250.6g/mol; Physical form:Light brown liquid, with odour typical of a phosphate ester. Density:1.28 (20℃); Composition:Tech. grade is >93% pure. Flash point:165 ℃ (Cleveland, open); 152℃ (Pensky-Martens, closed); Vapour pressure:65 mPa (15 ℃); 170 mPa (25℃); Henry constant:5.73 × 10-5 (20℃); 2.33 × 10-4 (25℃) (both in Pa m3 mol-1); Partition coefficient(n-octanol and water):logP = 2.32 ( OECD 117); Solubility:In water 2.2 g tech./l (20℃). Readily miscible with most organic solvents, e.g. in acetone, methanol, xylene >1, hexane 0.13 (all in kg/l, 25 ℃).Stability:Hydrolysed in acidic and alkaline media.
Oral:Acute oral LD50 for rats 96-121, dogs 500-1000 mg/ kg b.w. daily. Percutaneous:Acute percutaneous LD50 for rats >2000 mg/kg. Mild eye irritant. Inhalation: LC50 (4 h) for rats 0.95 mg/l air. Phytotoxicity:Non-phytotoxic when used as directed, except to some varieties of apple, sweet cherry, and rose. ADI:( JMPR) 0.0001 mg/ kg b.w. ( PTDI) [1994].
Environmental Profile
Algae: EC50 (72 h) 20 mg/l.Bees:Toxic to bees.Birds:Acute oral LD50 for Japanese quail 17-55 mg/ kg (depending on carrier and sex) for pure a.i.Daphnia: LC50 (48 h) 2.2 μg/l. Fish: LC50 (96 h) for trout 0.056, carp 24 mg/l.Worms: LC50 (14 d) for Eisenia foetida 98 mg/ kg dry, artificial soil.Other beneficial spp.:Harmless to Chrysopa larvae.

Environmental fate:
Animals:In rats, following oral administration, 90% is excreted in the urine and 6% in the faeces in metabolised form within 6 days.Soil:In soil, rapidly degraded by micro-organisms, DT50 (field) 1.4 d, DT90 (field) 4.6 d, depending on temperature and soil type; no accumulation. In lab. (aerobic), DT50 <4 h Plant:Four days after application to lettuce, the compound is completely metabolised to polar, water-soluble compounds without accumulation of any intermediate.
Transport Information
Signal Word:WARNING; Hazard Class:Ib(Highly hazardous)

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