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NRGene, a leading genomic big data company, develops advanced computational tools and cutting-edge algorithmic models to facilitate optimal trait discovery for seed companies, animal breeders, and academia.  The world’s top researchers have used NRGene’s technology for analysis of the most genetically complex and diverse species. NRGene mapped more than 80 genomes in 2015 alone, based only on Illumina short reads. The world’s first reference genome for bread and emmer wheat; several maize genomes; and genomes of soy, tomato and rainbow trout were among the milestones. With NRGene’s tech, a process that used to be notoriously expensive, laborious and time consuming has become turnkey, predictable, quick and affordable.  As research moves into the era of pan-genomics, NRGene has launched GenoMAGIC, a comprehensive solution for analyzing genomic big data of broad populations for diversity mapping and mining. The platform integrates all the genomic big data for a given species (e.g. maize, wheat, salmon) to deliver critical data necessary for more accurate breeding decisions. The platform analyzes, synchronizes, and shares genomic data from hundreds of varieties among molecular breeders, bioinformaticians and breeding teams.  With NRGene’s practical results, our customers can quickly and accurately determine the critical traits required to meet the demands of supplying food to the world.



Moran Ofer

Moran Ofer

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