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Jiangsu Tianrong Co., Ltd acquired the Award of National Science Conference in 1978, and owned 26 patents of invention. The manufacture, home sales, and export of the nereistoxin bionic pesticide with the brand “Lihua”—Monosultap, Cartap, Thiocyclam has been the first place in China for five years continuously, and has become the biggest manufacturing base of bionic pesticide in the world. The output and quality of the high-performed herbicide of aroxyl phenoxyl carboxyl acid with the brand “Lihua” also take the first place in China. Many kinds of new environment-Protection pesticide formulations such as WDG, EW, with the brand “Reher” achieved the award of the science advancement from government and industry. Now Reher subsidiary has become important researching, inventing, manufacturing and exporting base of new pesticide formulation.

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Zhou Guoxin

Zhou Guoxin

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