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AgChemAccess is a 'specialist' crop protection company that supplies a range of high quality products to growers through established distribution networks throughout Europe, CIS, Middle East, Africa, Australia and the Caribbean. AgChemAccess supply partners benefit from an alliance with a truly independent company, trading in R&D, generic and parallel products, providing concise, accurate and in depth distribution knowledge of all major agrochemical markets. 
With a widespread presence across allowing AgChem Access to position generic products from many suppliers and obtain the best possible volumes and prices across our Customer base.
AgChemAccess is experienced in the registration of a wide range of agrochemicals within Europe, Africa, CIS, Australasia, Middle East, Latin America and Central America. AgChemAccess can offer registration support for Active Ingredients and Formulations AgChemAccess can offer GLP data for Technical Equivalence.
AgChemAccess offers high quality formulation capabilities in Europe.
AgChemAccess has superior microencapsulation technology and can manufacture SC's and EC's to the quality and standard of R&D companies.
AgChemAccess can supply active ingredients. Products are sourced from major manufacturers worldwide and can be offered at competitive prices delivered anywhere in the world (subject to regulatory requirements).
With a team of over 50 full time employees, the AgChemAccess team provide expertise in all EU market sectors, at every level. The team of industry specialists provide their supply partners with an unrivalled level of service in all sectors covering sales, marketing, registrations, accounts, storage, and logistics.



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