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Kischemicals Manufacturing & Mercantile LLCHungary Hungary

Category:Crop ProtectionHerbicides

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KCH is involved in the production and trading of phosgene based intermediates and agrochemical active ingredients. Our customers are local/regional distributors and multinational chemical companies. The company started its activities in 2008 with the acquisition of éMV (North Hungarian Chemical Works Ltd.) assets and relaunch of production. Our company is located in the Sajobabony Chemical Industrial Park which has a long tradition in the field of chemicals.  KCH currently employs 130 employees and have annual sales of approx. HUF 5 billion (EUR 17 million). In addition to the traditional éMV agrochemical products and phosgene based intermediates our company offers tailored solutions to customers undertaking toll conversions and custom manufacturing.



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Tibor Mészáros

Tibor Mészáros

Sales Director
Tel: (+36 46)549 610


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