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Phytothreptiki is a member of the PhytoGroup. It has been in the Greek and international agricultural markets for 30 years and has now become synonymous with high-quality and innovative nutritional products. With its human resources experience and knowledge, coupled with its innovative products, Phytothreptiki is classified as one of the largest Greek companies in the industry.


Since 1996, in addition to operating in the Greek market, Phytothreptiki also has a well-organized department that has developed dynamically and achieved great success in the field of exports with a presence in at least 20 countries. Therefore, today, the company maintains continuous export activities in the Balkans, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The approach of foreign markets is done with special interest and strategic perspective.



Phytothreptiki is constantly enriching its catalog with new products, with the aim of finding innovative solutions that can provide effective answers to the problems of modern agriculture. Phytothreptiki looks to the future with optimism, having confidence in its potential, in Greek agriculture, in its partners and always believing that…


Nutrition is the Solution

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