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Atlántica Agricola was founded in 1982 and, in its origin, it focused on the development of agricultural products based on humic and fulvic acids. Atlántica Agricola was pioneer in the development of these kind of products and reaches the first stage with Biocat-15, an organic fertilizer which supposed the launch of the company into the international market.   The success of Biocat-15 widened the company policy and Atlántica Agricola became an international company with increasing export activity.   In the last decade, Atlántica Agricola has continued its expansion in a global way, achieving a current presence in more than 40 countries around the world. Nowadays, the success of the company is based not just in exporting business, but in creating quality products, as well as a distributors and experts people network in every country, which provide their experience and knowledge. This feature is essential in the development of different lines of research (R+D+i), which study adaptation of the products to crops, climate and agronomic techniques.



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