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ChemService Srl Controlli e Ricerche is a contract research organisation (CRO) providing GLP testing and regulatory services for the plant protection, biocidal, veterinary, industrial chemical and consumer product industries. Our mission is to increase our customer’s competitiveness and long-term profitability with high quality and reliable testing and regulatory services. A long lasting experience in the fields of analytical chemistry, physico-chemistry and ecotoxicology, coupled with a deep knowledge of current regulatory framework and a strong attention to long-term trends makes ChemService Srl Controlli e Ricerche the right partner in regulatory environment. ChemService Srl Controlli e Ricerche collaborates with EU authorities, being selected by EFSA for the assistance to the EFSA scientific units on toxicology and ecotoxicology and by EU in 2008 (EuropeAid/123060/D/SUP/RO) for building an ecotoxicological laboratory in Romania.



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Carlotta Casalegno

Carlotta Casalegno

Regulatory & Development Manager
Tel: +39 02 356 996 70


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