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BION TECH INC. was established as, and still is, an R&D based and R&D driven company, and has focus and specialization on research and development, manufacture (lab scale to industrial production), registrations, distribution, marketing and sales of biological products (proprietary strains) and non-chemical products that have use in multiple segments in agricultural industry, such as Crop Protection (Biopesticides), Crop Health (Biofertilizer, Fertilizer Enhancer projects, Nanotechnology), and also Animal Nutrition (Probiotics Animal Feed Additive for Animal Livestock, Aquaculture, Poultry, etc.). BION TECH INC. was founded on February 22, 2002 with an initial paid capital of 10 million US Dollars. Currently, BION TECH INC. provides farmers with superior, Good-Agricultural-Practices-compatible products for agriculture, including organic. BION TECH INC. esteems itself to become a total solutions provider to farmers with biological, natural, organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly products. BION TECH INC. is already present in many foreign markets, and continuing to explore further in order to share excellent Taiwanese products with the rest of the world. Bion Tech would be happy to hear from like-minded and bio-minded interested companies on our email or

  • Address:5F, No.6, Ke-dong 3 rd Rd., Science-Based Industrial Park., Jhunan Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan. Post: 35053
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Dr.Subhendu Ganguly

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