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Launched in 1993, Beta Chemicals brings together the strengths and resources of China’s potential in the field of synthesis of molecules belonging to post-patent regime, with our own Beta Branded products in 2016.    Beta Chemicals Limited has its headquarters located in Beijing, which help in accessing many of its partners and associates spread across China to help address the need to be in constant and regular communication with key product distributors and sub-contractors within the agrochemical industry; this also helps in constant evolution to form a strong and trusted supply chain link to help fulfil the needs of the global agro-community.  In view of the giant steps made in the field of agriculture, a necessary considering the increasing population and a decrease in arable land areas around the world, there is extra emphasis on growing more on less land. This is possible only if we have the technologically advanced methods of manning our agricultural fields and get the maximum output per acre with optimum inputs. Use of pesticide is one such tool that is developing mankind to achieve the dreams of self-sustainability, self-reliance on one hand and caring for the environment on the other. With the demand for more food increasing day by day, there is no other alternative other than using best available resources to ensure that we have greater production and equally greater productivity per unit area of land. Unless we take relevant steps now, future generations may need to face the consequences. Beta Chemicals provides relevant support in the economics development of the farming community thereby committing certain social responsibilities to improve certain strata of the society of offering them quality products, keeping in mind the awareness towards environment and the living being within. In 2015 Beta moved into the branded marketing of its own products worldwide. Hence, Beta Chemicals has decided to use its strengths in helping the farming community to produce more and provide new opportunities in using environmental-friendly pesticides with a high level of responsibility and care towards the society and the environment.  Our Mission Work together with partners to provide superior, economical, sustainable and user friendly crop-solutions to the global farming communities. Vision We provide excellent qualified products to ensure our partner have a good reputation in market. Values Customer relationship, care,integrity and social responsibility.

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Jack Lu

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