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RIFCON GmbH is an independent scientific consulting company offering the entire service portfolio as CRO & CRAO regarding the assessment and registration of agrochemicals, biocides and biopesticides with almost 20 years of experience.
We provide professional support in the following areas:
• strategic & scientific consultancy
• registration management
• planning and organizing authority meetings
• preparation, compilation and submission of active substance and product dossiers & import tolerances
• risk assessments /expert statements / scientific writing
• in silico analysis (QSAR assessment, profiling, read-across)
• TK-TD & population modelling
• statistical evaluations
• ecotoxicological and efate field studies under GLP
• developing tailor-made semi-field & field studies to gain higher tier refinement data
• study monitoring of lab, semi-field and field studies conducted by other CR(A)Os
• faunistic monitoring
• IT solutions

  • Address:Goldbeckstrasse 13, 69493 Hirschberg, Germany
  • Website:www.rifcon.de


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Ute Terberger

Ute Terberger

Managing Director
Tel: +49 6201 84528-20


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