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Indian Institute Of Toxicology (IIT) Pune is a independent Contract Research Organisation (CRO) specialising in conducting 'Toxicology Studies' for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, life sciences, dyes, chemical & biotechnology companies from India as well as overseas. It is not affiliated to any industry house in any way and retains its independence since existence.

IIT`s strength has been a commitment to excellence, borne out of a state-of-art infrastructure & technical skills. Creation of IIT`s identity as a reliable & unbiased CRO in the field of toxicology has been due to a successful track record of 25 years.

IIT has a corporate culture of respect for IPR, independent working strength and flexibility for collaborative working. It is a preferred destination for toxicology studies of the who’s who of the Indian Pharmaceutical industry today.



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Dr.Ranjit Bhide

Dr.Ranjit Bhide

Director of Research&study
Tel: + 91 20 26819961


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